Paintings, Masks, Sculptures & Figurines

Pictures and figurative decoration made of wood, stone and brass

Buddishm is an old religion / philosophy which goes back to ca. 600 BCE. Its the most peaceful of all religions and its main teacher was buddha / Siddhartha Gautama which is worshipped today with buddha pictures and statues of all kinds. The perfect Buddha home decoration and also hindu figures and statues for your apartment you can find here!
Our buddha wall pictures, buddha masks and statues are all lovingly handworked and carved and will enrich your home with their purity and will definitely enrich your living environment,
Apart from Buddha we have many other attractive and artful sculptures and statues made of wood or metal. You can find beautiful animals like mystical ringlets, giraffes and elephants as well as dreamy sandstone figures and candleholders. Our assortment of far eastern statues gets rounded with numerous Feng Shui articles which help to bring human and its surroundings in harmony so that the life force (chi) can flow freely and bring about happiness and harmony.
The asian teachings and philosophies stand for the balance between humans and their surroundings and the inner peace and freedom which comes about through this necessary and symbiotic relationship.

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